Fern Electric Base
Fern Electric Base
Fern Electric Base
Fern Electric Base

Fern Electric Base

The Fern Electric Base is an electric adjustable bed base that gives you unlimited positions to suit your comfort and sleep.
Popular Features

  1. Full body adjustment
  2. Head and foot massage
  3. Underbed lighting
  4. Natural & Organic materials
  5. All in one support, no bed frame or foundation required
  6. Split king separate functioning with 2 wireless remotes
  7. Easy assembly


Delivery 3rd week Feb 2019 approx.

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Sleep. Your Natural Immune Booster.

Reminder: "Without sufficient sleep, your body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation." - National Sleep Foundation







Our Fern Mattress will come compress packed as a bed-in-a-box and will be delivered directly to your front door free of charge to most areas in Australia.



Rest assured: You’re buying a handmade product meant to last. Every mattress features a 25 year limited warranty — one of the best in the business.



Sleep on it for up to 100 nights. If it's not right for you, we'll give you a full refund. We know that you'll love your Fern Mattress. Your purchase is risk-free!

Natural Latex Rubber

Natural Latex Rubber

Fern mattresses feature 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, made from sustainably harvested sources. It’s an eco-friendly, high-performance material, offering resilience, durability, and temperature control that far exceeds synthetic, blended or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

Natural Latex Glue

Natural Latex Glue

In order to keep our whole mattress natural and free of harmful chemicals; we use natural latex to create a unique latex glue that is not only adhesive, but also non-toxic. All 3 premium mattress layers in the Fern mattress are kept together with this strong glue, making it one of the most natural mattresses in the world.

Certified Organic Cotton

Certified Organic Cotton

Our luxurious, handmade mattress covers are made with premium, certified organic cotton — one of the softest, most breathable and most comfortable fabrics available. It’s cool, wicks moisture and, better still, boasts the most stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification.


Standard Mattress: 
Thickness: 22cm

Mattress with Mattress Topper: 
: 27cm

Mattress Measurements: 
Single: 92 x 188 (30 kg) 
Long Single: 92 x 203 (33 kg)
King Single: 107 x 203 (36 kg)
Double: 138 x 188 (42 kg)
Queen: 153 x 203 (50 kg)
King: 183 x 203 (60 kg)

Standard Fern Mattress: 
Gentle Medium (top side) or Firm (bottom side)
Fern Mattress with Mattress Topper:
Luxury Plush
featuring a Natural, Handcrafted Mattress Topper

We use Dunlop latex in our mattresses because it is more eco-friendly than Talalay latex, which requires more processing. Our Dunlop latex is sourced from some of the world's most eco-friendly and sustainable sources in Sri Lanka, and is eco-INSTITUT® certified (tested for hazardous materials and substances) by our latex manufacturer. Dunlop latex is naturally antimicrobial, cooler than memory foam, and also more durable than Talalay latex. 

On our standard Fern mattress, we use three seamless layers of Dunlop latex — 5cm in the top comfort layer (gentle medium), a 10cm layer in the middle as a support core (base), and 5cm in the bottom comfort layer (firm).  On the Fern mattress with the optional mattress topper, you get superior soft comfort with an additional 5cm of soft latex thickness onto the top comfort layer (luxury plush), and the option to remove this at any required time. 

No blended or synthetic latex is used, there are no chemical fire retardants in any component of the latex cores, only 100% natural latex.

In order to keep our whole mattress natural and chemical free; we use eco-INSTITUT® certified natural latex to create a unique latex glue. This latex glue is very adhesive and passes the test of time, while remaining natural and free of harmful chemicals. It is comprised of the same compounds used within our natural latex core layers, with rubber sap being the primary component.

All 3 premium mattress layers in the Fern mattress are kept together with this strong glue, making it one of the most natural mattresses in the world. There are no chemical adhesives used between any of the comfort layers.

For a luxurious and premium finish, we use a breathable organic cotton / poly-blend with high density threading in a soft, natural colour. The surface fabric is 100% organic cotton keeping you directly in touch with only organic cotton fabric and the backing layer is polyester to maintain durability of the fabric. The fabric has been selected with a special request to remove any chemical bleaches, washes, dyes or patterns which are normally present in all mattress fabrics. This organic cotton fabric is GOTS-certified (the most stringent organic textile certification) by our supplier and provides 2cm in thickness to the Fern mattress.

The mattress includes hand-stitched tape edges (double stitched) to prevent tearing at the fabric corners and heavy-duty reinforced handles to ensure that the mobility of the mattress is much more manageable.

We use 100% organic cotton wadding to quilt together with our organic cotton fabric in order to give a luxury quilted cover for best comfort and extended durability. The organic cotton wadding is not chemically treated and chemicals are not used during the processing, leaving a natural creamy colour. This organic cotton wadding is GOTS-certified (the most stringent organic textile certification) and we receive transaction certificates for all of our material from our supplier.

The majority of quilted fabrics use polyester wadding together with their fabric, and as such our 100% organic cotton wadding in comparison offers the real luxury experience. We proudly source only the highest quality materials available and are confident you will feel this in your natural sleep experience. This material is perfectly suited for a natural mattress and allows for luxury comfort and breathability - the best of both worlds.

Two upholstered handles adorn both side panels of the mattress, hand-sewn for a tight fit. (Many foam mattresses don’t even have handles.)

Our handles will help you manage the movement of your latex mattress with greater ease. This makes swapping firmness levels hassle-free when flipping your Fern mattress. 

Latex is the future of healthy sleep.

More natural than it's competitor, memory foam, our natural latex is made using only clean rubber sap that has been washed in fresh river water. In truth, memory foam is made to be warm; it is often used as insulation due to its heat-retaining abilities and uses your body heat to activate it's compression capabilities. Whereas our latex has hundreds of pin holes to allow for easy airflow and cool sleeping. On average latex mattresses have 3-5 times less returns than memory foam mattresses. Latex has a 1-2% return rate compared to a 5-6% return rate with memory foam mattresses!

Our manufacturer's latex is certified by the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany, to be free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), persistent organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde and phthalates. Our fabric cover uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. And there are NO petroleum-based polyurethane foams, NO memory foams, NO chemical adhesives between the comfort layers, NO chemical fire retardants and NO ozone-depleting substances used.

Every Fern Mattress has received an LGA Certification. The LGA Certification is administered in Cologne, Germany, and tests the functional performance for domestic use of a mattress. The test is conducted by putting 150 kg of force on the mattress and stroking the mattress 60,000 times. This test is meant to simulate, more than adequately, the normal domestic usage of a mattress. The passing grade for this certification is 50/100, and our Fern mattress has proven it's quality and resilience by achieving a score of 99 points out of 100!



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